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Skin Decorations...

Skin Decorations...

You can do some little tricks to make your skin even more attractive. It can be adapted together with a dress you pick to wear. It will definitely make you stunning and outstanding for your special night!!

Arm Decoration
  • Wrap a scotch tape around your arm, around 6 inches below your shoulder tip
  • Mark little spots along the edge of the tape with a lip liner, then take off the tape
  • Draw  a V-shape figure around your arm inside the frame marked with spots. Draw an upside-down V-shape figure over again
  • Erase the draft-spotted line carefully

Neck Decoration
  • Wrap your front-part neck in the middle with a scotch tape
  • Mark little spots along the edge of the tape with a lip
  • Take off the scotch tape and put a diamond in the middle of the draft line
  • Use liquid eye-liner mark short lines around your neck. Fill diamonds in the gaps between each line
  • Erase the draft line carefully

Belly Button Decoration
  • Glue a bead in the middle of your navel
  • Draw any pattern that you like. First, use a light-colored lip liner make a draft around your navel
  • Use waterproof liquid eye-liner draw along with your draft

Skin Decoration
  • Anoint your body with golden creme
  • Golden eyeshadow and cheek would hightlight your body
  • Add some Apricot-colored blush on on the highest spot on your cheek
  • A Golden lip gloss makes your glossy lips look natural