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10 Best Ways to Look Hot Despite the Heat

10 Best Ways to Look Hot Despite the Heat

How to combat humidity, high temperatures and other seasonal beauty bummers.

1: Learn to Love Your Limp Locks

Learn to love your limp locks by going with  - rather than against  - their inclination toward flatness. Hair slicked back in a simple bun is always sexy, says Harry Josh, a New York City-based celebrity stylist and Suave Haircare consultant. Just make it more interesting by creating a deep side part, then pulling it back  - or wrapping the knot closer to your right or left ear so it's slightly asymmetrical.























2: Prolong Your Pedicure

Prolong your pedicure by applying a top coat daily. This prevents cracking while you're swimming or sunning, says Donna Perillo, owner of the Sweet Lily Nail Spa in New York City.























3: Refresh Sticky Skin

Refresh sticky skin by spritzing your face lightly with water then letting it air-dry (don't blot!), says Robert Bolanos, an L.A.-based makeup artist. This takes the edge off greasiness and smooths out cakey-looking powder.























4: Nix a Sweaty Neckline

Nix a sweaty neckline with two ponytails (one slightly higher than the other), a great trick for layered hair, says Scott Pere, a stylist at NYC's Robert Kree Salon.























5: Eliminate Raccoon Eyes

Eliminate raccoon eyes by skipping waterproof mascara. It tends to clump and drip in humidity, says Bolanos. You're better off going with a water-resistant formula; it's slightly thinner ‑- and less apt to smudge in a moist climate ‑- than the waterproof version.























6: Make Your Hair Behave

Make your hair behave by trimming the ends so they're fairly blunt, says Pere. This makes styling simpler on steamy days when you opt to air-dry. Lots of layers and texture won't fall right without the aid of a hair dryer or flatiron, says Pere.























7: Erase Eye-Shadow Creasing

Erase eye-shadow creasing by selecting powder over cream shadows ‑- even those that claim not to crease ("they all do," says Jeni Lee, a celebrity makeup artist). Concentrate color on your lashline, where you perspire least.























8: Prevent Lipstick Bleeding

Prevent lipstick bleeding by passing on, well, lipstick, says Bolanos. It's smarter to go with a nude or pale-pink lip pencil (it won't budge on even the muggiest day) topped with gloss.























9: Fight Frizz

Fight frizz by running a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing gel through damp locks, says Ouidad, a New York City curly-hair specialist. This fills the hair shaft with moisture ‑- and prevents it from absorbing more water outdoors (which leads to puffiness).























10: Heal Your Heels

Heal your heels by soaking your feet for five minutes in lemon juice, suggests Perillo. This loosens grime stuck in the grooves of your heels ‑- a common side effect of wearing sandals.