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New Look From Dark Colors

New Look From Dark Colors

It is said that the color "gray and black" presents yourself a high-class and self-confident woman. Anyone who wants to switch from sweet and light colored dresses should not miss this!! A working woman, in particular, who has to maintain their good-looking all day long. Let's check it out!!

"Light gray pleat skirt with knitted tank-top is a symbol of fashion in 50s which makes you more gental and elegant together with your sexiness!!" - From Poleci 

 "An overcoat with hood together with a modern short black skirt can be dressed up at any time but it also could make a sweet little girl to a confident and an active girl!!" - From The Gap                                                                                                                                                                

 "A knee-lenth plain skirt and a tank-top, over with a cool jacket is definitely suitable for sport girls" - From Laundry

"If you want to look good with all the combinations of grace, liveliness and sexiness, then a black suit with pants is perfect!!" - from Bisou - Bisou 

"If you are self-confident, active, and lively, try to wear a long leather jacket with long pants. This "great" style is guaranteed!!" - From bebe

"A modern working women should try a wide-ended trousers with a flannel turtle-neck. It might not look familiar but it is cool!!" - from French Connection

"A long skirt with a turtle-neck make you look graceful but remains your seriousness" - From Club Monaco

"An open-back tank-top with a plaided skirt make you a sweet but sexy lady. It is good for going out at night!!" - From XOXO

"A very light gray suit is a mixture between luxury and elegance. It is a cool style for business women." - From Jones New York Collection

"A gray tank-top with yellow stripes together with light jacket on top, and wide-ended gray trousers with white stripes on the bottom make itself a modern outfit. It can be worn in any occasions" - From Malibu 

"A short dress with little white-flower-pattern reflects your sweetness. Find something to wear over would make it the best dress for dating!!" - From Easel

"An ankel-lenth skirt not only makes you slimmer but also taller. It can be used both a day dress or even a night dress" - From KENAR

"A tight shirt with short skirt can be worn to work or to party with friends. The outfit always makes you a modern confident woman!" - From Hype