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Good Dress...Good Looking

Good Dress...Good Looking

Dresses can help you hide somthing that you do not want others to see!! Choosing a right dress can make you look gorgeous and of course, it would help you erase your bad aspects towards your shape and body!!

  1. If you have a straight shape : Try to wear a sexy dress to call an attention!! 

  2. If you have a big top : Wear black color and cover your top with white scarf. 

  3. If you have a small top : Wear a bright and light dress and show your top a bit!

  4. If you have a big hip : Wear black dress but make it not too tight. 

  5. If you have a big bottom : Try to wear an A-shape skirt.

  6. If you have a short body : Try a dress with a wide-open top. Showing your neck would make you look taller.