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Dior Baby

Christian Dior Global-Report
Dior Baby

Cardigans, tee-shirts, jumpers, jackets, sleeveless shirts, skirts, swimsuits, pants, sneakers, bootees, bloomers, bodies, socks, hats and accessories for children.




Cardigan tee-shirt and short “Latino”, bracelet “Little Rasta”

Trench and jumper dress “Petite Lilly”, sunglasses “Baby Dior Ski”

Jacket, skirt, tee-shirt and belt “Tcha Tcha”







Bermudas, sleeveless tee-shirt and cardigan “Surf”

Jacket, tee-shirt and skirt “Riley”

Swimsuit and skirt “Cruise”, beach towel “Sur” and sunglasses “Baby Dior Ski”







Cardigan and pants “Glamour”, shoes and Tee-shirt “Essentiel”

Pants, tee-shirt, sneakers and socks “Glamour”

Set of bloomer, body and bootees “Petite Rose”







Cardigan, tee-shirt, pants, sneakers and hat “Glamour”

Dress and bloomer “Glamour”, bootees “Amour”

Dior Bear