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TV fashion pair tell Kiwis what not to wear

Ellen Irvine
DON'T WEAR THAT: British fashion divas Trinny and Susannah entertain the crowd at an Auckland mall.

DON'T WEAR THAT: British fashion divas Trinny and Susannah entertain the crowd at an Auckland mall.

Fashion divas Trinny and Susannah have style. The What Not To Wear fashion gurus charmed a crowd of mainly middle-aged women on their whistle-stop tour of New Zealand Westfield malls.

The British TV style queens looked much taller and thinner in person - despite Susannah's dubious turquoise and lilac dress.

"We have had such incredible reception,'' Trinny told Thursday's crowd on Auckland's North Shore, before picking out fans who were more than willing to become fashion victims.

They sweetened up 60-something Gaynor by calling her "gorgeous'' and a Judi Dench look-alike, before ripping her outfit to pieces. Apparently the bare-armed, cropped-trouser and sandal look did nothing for her.

"We know Gaynor is an 'apple' because her tummy controls her life,'' Trinny deadpanned.

But despite the insults, the crowd loved their double-act banter, which was peppered with swear words.

"That's the worst f**king bra I've ever seen,'' Susannah said.

Susannah - who is a "vase'' - got the crowd on side by revealing personal details.

"I'm really freaking out at the moment about menopause,'' she said.

Trinny, who clearly plays the straight-guy to Susannah's flaky, got a giggle by interjecting: "Darling, this isn't Dr Phil'', before hiking up her dress to reveal flesh-colured "magic knickers'' that would make Bridget Jones proud.

Wendy Stewart of Torbay was fizzing after being given the Trinny and Susannah treatment, which she said was a "golden opportunity''.

Susannah told Wendy:"You have got a good bum, you can go tighter, sexier.''

The gurus also advised her to wear fishnet stockings, which Wendy said she wouldn't do at her job as an office temp.

"They are so amazing - what a fabulous show,'' Wendy told Sunday News.

"They had a good look at my bra.

"It was such a golden opportunity  I watch it every single week.''

Melitta Swanepoel, 34, was hauled on stage and dressed by Trinny and Susannah.

The nurse didn't mind being man-handled by Trinny and Susannah, who are famous for getting up close and personal with their subjects.

"I got a bit of a grope, but it didn't feel like that because it was Trinny, and she does it to everyone!'' she said.