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Tips for Cosmetics Use After Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty-Eyelid Surgery
Tips for Cosmetics Use After Blepharoplasty

After blepharoplasty, sutures and swelling remains there for few days. Once sutures from eyelids removed and the swelling over eyelids starts resolve, some patients try to camouflage haunting discoloration of blepharoplasty surgery. Camouflage is not suggested for the few days after blepharoplasty, because swelling and discoloration is high at that time.

Before using any make-up for eyelids after blepharoplasty, first consult with your blepharoplasty surgeon. Once your surgeon has give it okay, then you can use eyelid make-up. Make sure that you are not using any cosmetic directly to an open wound, because there is risk not only of infection but also of permanent tattooing. Use a brand new tube or bottle for eyelids to lessen the chance of contamination.

You can use eyelid moisturizing cream when eyelids are still tender from blepharoplasty. Moisturizing cream makes easier for the eyelid make-up after blepharoplasty. Use sponge or fresh cotton swap for application of moisturizing cream on eyelids.

To cover discoloration of eyelids, there are thicker concealer type camouflage products in market. There products include demablend, cover FX and Covermark. All these camouflage products come into variety of shades. You can choose any shade which matched to your surrounding normal skin. Do not use too heavy application of product, this may results as obvious as what you trying to conceal.

You can also go for Lighter skin tone concealers for eyelids. These concealers are made by most major cosmetic manufacturers.

A regular foundation may be used with thin colored cream if the discoloration of eyelid is not too dark. The thin colored cream is chosen opposite to the color of bruising. If the color of bruising is red, then thin green cream may be effective. If bruising color is purple, use of yellow cream is effective. If the bruising color is yellow, then it means discoloration is almost gone and you may avoid just more than a regular make-up.

Do not use glittered or frosted eye shadow in few days after blepharoplasty. These contain particles that may irritate healing skin.