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Brian Bailey's ten tips for a fashion makeover

Brian Bailey National Post
Brian Bailey's ten tips for a fashion makeover

10 Go to a good bra-fitter and give yourself a lift! Know the correct fit of your bra and that it will change every few years. If you try on clothes in a bra that doesn't fit, no dress will work. You might as well wear that comfy, this-will-do dress you have in the closet, and save yourself the bother of trying on fabulous clothes.

9 Always shop wearing good lipstick.

8 Take a prep moment to make sure you have the right foundation body-slimmer, which will keep things where they need to be and smooth out the edge of those delightful curves. Buy the size that doesn't turn you into a sausage.

7 Shoes can kill a dress. A smart pump never works in the evening if the heel is thick, so if you need a pump, lose the stocky heel - unless you want your calves to look the same way.

6 If you've never worn jersey, try that on first, it won't add bulk to your figure. If you have curves, start to love them, but keep them smooth looking with the addition of a body-slimmer. Non-jersey fabrics use darts to give the dress shape, but this also adds bulk - use body-slimmers!

5 A gentle A-line will make your hips look smaller and your waist the focal point. Even if you don't have hips, this shape does amazing things.

4 When buying colour in a dress, be prepared to spend money: If the dress is inexpensive and colourful, chances are it looks the price.

3 Another great black dress is never a mistake. By alternating your shoes, scarfs and shawls it can be a limitless source of outfits. Changing the shoe from something bright and colourful to metallic to a barely-there strappy sandal changes everything - shoes are the accessory for 2008!

2 If you feel like crap the day you're going dress shopping, save yourself the trip. No dress works miracles.

1 Unless you're under 18, leave your pearls at home. They're the most ageing accessory in the world.