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Style solutions for common fashion quandaries
Style solutions for common fashion quandaries

Style expert Jenn Falik shares style breakthroughs for those times you are caught in a snag.

Style Solutions for Common Clothing Quandaries:

Jeans won’t stay up where they should be?

Try Invisibelt, $19.95 at

Sure, jeans with Lycra in them can have a great fit through the leg and tend to be more comfortable, but they also tend to lose their hip-hugging quality after one wear, which is frustrating and uncomfortable, not to mention expensive if you need to dry-clean them in order to get them back in shape. This is GENIUS! It is a clear, flat belt (with a superflat buckle so you can lay a thin, fitted top over it and you would never even know there was a belt in the picture) that holds your pants up where you want them. This is also great for anyone who is sticking to their New Year’s diet resolution. If you have shed a few pounds but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing a new pants wardrobe, the Invisibelt can cinch in the waistline of your favorite pairs to fit your new shape.

Pants hemmed for heels are are ruined from pairing them with flats?

Try Zakkerz Magnetic Hems, $24.99 at

You get your pants hemmed for heels, but every now and then, you feel like sporting flats. So you go for it, and end up with ragged hemlines and dirty pant bottoms that can make even your nicest black slacks look like gym pants. The “how to hem” quandary is a common one. With these magnetic pant hems, you can take your favorite heels-only pants and make them fitted for flats! Just hook one on the inside and outside of each pant leg, and voila!, you have miraculously transformed your trousers! Also great for commuters: Clip them up when you walk to work in flats, and pull them off in the elevator, throw on your heels, and enter the workplace perfectly polished.

Sweating through your shirt?

Try Garment Guard, $23 for 12 pairs at

As a self-confessed sweat machine, these are an obsession. These ultra-thin shields protect your clothes from underarm perspiration stains, and your ego from the humiliation that they can cause. Made of breathable cotton, they have adhesive on one side that sticks to your garment, and then shape themselves with your body for up to 12 hours of sweat-stain-free bliss. Also, it's a money saver: No need to constantly dry-clean clothes to keep those pesky yellow stains from setting in.

Stepping out of your favorite stilettos? Shoes stretched out?

Airplus for Her Hug My Heels, $5.99 at Walgreens and Rite Aid

When your favorite shoes stretch out — which, from extensive personal experience, I can attest, is both devastating and embarrassing! — these will save you from stepping out of them. Just stick them in the backs of your shoes and they not only make the shoes overall more comfy, they mold around your heel so that stretched-out shoe once again fits like a glove. And, at $6 a pop, much less pricey then most shoe service places, and definitely less pricey than another pair!

Layering pieces leave you looking a little large?

Try SPANX Hide & Sleek Cami, $38 at

The idea of layering makes sense — after all, you need something under your blazers, cardigan sweaters and chunky knits (which are often laden with see-through wide stitching, not to mention itchy wool fabrics). But layering tends to add extra bulk, and can also be uncomfortable, as shirts bunch, ride up and lose their shape. Enter the Hide & Sleek Cami. Not only is the breathable fabric comfy on the skin, but it has a slimming liner so it enhances your shape. It smoothes out any bra lines that show bulges where you don’t want them, and stays in place — never riding up. It really is the perfect camisole.