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How to wear seamed stockings

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How to wear seamed stockings

To wear vintage lingerie seamed stockings you will need to buy a suspender belt unless they are hold up stockings. Suspender belts come in a variety of different styles but in the main are extremely comfortable and sexy to wear. Suspender belts are worn on the hip and the actual straps vary in length but normally are adjustable in order to comfortably reach the stocking tops.

There are also suspender belts with a classic wide rim almost like a short girdle that are becoming very popular. These are available in a variety of widths. These are sometimes called girdlettes and have a useful other function of shaping the waistline. It is also possible to wear stockings with Basques, corsets and girdles.You can attach your stockings to suspender belts using clasps these ate usually a mixture of rubber or metal. It is often better to have more clasps as this will make the stockings fit better. Six clasp suspender belts are available. Have a look at Pandoras choice. Metal clasps are the best and most traditional stockings clasps and these are fitted to a lot of retro style suspender belts, Basques and corsets. If you are wearing traditional silk / Nylon stockings that are non stretch you should use as a minimum a six strap suspender belt as this will make the stocking look and feel right on the leg and optimise the stockings sexy appearance. How to adjust a suspender belt.

1. Make the back straps 1.5 - 2 inches longer than the front straps and 1 inch longer than the side straps. Some suspender belts have longer back straps as when you sit there is a greater distance to go for the suspender around you bottom to reach the stocking tops.

2. There should be a very slight pull on the stockings when you are standing to keep the stockings tight and sheer on the legs. Before you go out in the evening to your party make sure you have worn the stockings for a while to make sure they are properly adjusted.

3. The first few times you wear stockings, wear them around the house for a while before you leave to be sure you have everything adjusted properly. If you are wearing a short skirt, be sure to sit down and see if the stockings are long enough or else your stocking tops will show!

4. Put your underwear or thong panties on last as these negates the problem of having to take your suspenders off in order to go to the loo!

5. When putting your stockings on remember to watch your finger and toe nails!

6. Roll the stockings down into a coil shape, put your thumbs inside the stockings and then roll the stockings over the foot and up the leg.

7. Only hand wash your stockings and other legwear