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Win Win Websites Promotion

Showing Your Thong Is So Y2K - Here’s A Modern Solution
Showing Your Thong Is So Y2K - Here’s A Modern Solution

What: Hip-T, $19.95 Why: Enough is enough. It’s time to lay off the crack. Not only is it bad for your image, but it’s hurting your friends, neighbors, and that poor stranger stuck behind you when you bend down to tie your shoes.

So staging an intervention are the lovely ladies of Hip-T, a new product that offers lower waist coverage when your shirt falls short of expectations and your pants drop way below average. This cotton wrap, worn around the mid-section, creates a layering effect underneath your favorite shirts. Instead of searching for extra long tees and camisoles that will keep you covered up, Hip-T solves the problem by offering the coverage of a longer tee only where it’s needed. And there's a bunch of fun colors and patterns to choose from.  

I instantly fell in love with mine the minute I put it on. It saved me from embarrassing thong exposure and kept my pants from going south. The wrap is cut on a slight angle that aligns with the hips, so it stays perfectly in place at all times, and in all positions.

I firmly believe this indispensable gem should be mandatory for every celebrity in Hollywood. Especially Britney Spears. Maybe she should wear two at a time. And carry a third in case of a crack relapse.

But I digress. Just say yes to Hip-Ts and end reverse cleavage forever. That means you, Spears.

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